DigiFab, Electronics, 3D: Everything Good in One Humble Package

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DigiFab, Electronics, 3D: Everything Good in One Humble Package

Is this the year that you finally make space for the water cutter or laser cutter or vinyl cutter you’ve been wanting to get? Hope so! What about that 3D printing project you’ve been thinking through or the new living room set you’d like to build with a CNC router? Absolutely, those too.

If you solely researched these machines via their company’s own advertising, they’d all sound great. But how do you actually know what to buy for the projects you want to build in the space that you have to build them?

That’s where Make:’s intrepid digifab testing team comes stepping lightly in. Our annual Digital Fabrication guide, published earlier this year, gathers the best new machines on the market in each category and actually hands them to a human to test out — which is where the PLA hits the road.

Over the course of several months, our group of seven testers wrassled with plastic spools, worked with uneven table tops, and wiped up excessive water spray to give makers the true lowdown on working with these machines.

Our annual Digital Fabrication Guide is a ton of work — but it’s work of which we’re very proud. Included as an extra in our Electronics + 3D Printing Humble Bundle deal, launched today, this up-to-date review guide makes a perfect match for our best electronics and 3D printing books. If you bought these titles separately, they’d run you a bit over $400 total. Taking advantage of them together in this Humble nets you the same wisdom for no more than $25.

Also included in this Humble Bundle is master electronics writer and best-selling author Charles Platt’s complete Make: Electronics three-book set. Based on a “learning by discovery” model that starts with you putting a battery on your tongue and could end with you impressing Edison, Make: Electronics is a thorough education on the art and science of hooking things up.

As always, our Humble deal benefits the Maker Education Initiative, which brings essential maker skills and the imagination of the maker mindset into the classroom. Your Humble purchases have created nearly $1 million in support for Maker Ed to date! We’re proud to support this good work and thank you for your generosity over the years.

This Humble deal, with the Digital Fabrication Guide, all of Platt’s Make: Electronics books, and even a sweet 3D printing collection, ends at 10:59amPT on Monday, May 6. Don’t miss it. Because you want to get making now.

Electronics + 3D Printing by Make: starts today and runs through May 6. Get $400 worth of excellence for as little as $25.

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