DIY Box Handles

DIY Box Handles

MAKE Section Editor Charles Platt has a series of great moving tips in Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools:

Make handles from half-inch plastic water pipe sawn into 5″ lengths. My local Lowe’s sold me six feet of pipe for around $3 and you can use any wood saw to cut it. You may feel this is a luxury, but if you want to protect your hands from the edges of the plastic tape, handles are nice to have.

Thread tape through handle.


Turn box upside-down and cross the tape ends.


Turn box right-side-up and thread one of the returning tape ends through the handle.


Add the buckle.


After pulling the tape tight, your box is now very easy to carry.


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  1. David Veloz says:

    Transporting my Steampunk LCD to the Maker Faire on an airplane was difficult, because Steampunk items tend to be bulky. I had stowed the unwieldy screen in a very big box. I wanted to encourage bagging handlers to keep the thing right side up. Arrows and markings could easily be ignored so I thought I should add a handle. I googled “how to make your own box handles”. Didn’t find anything. Created a rope handle, but not as nice as this.

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