DIY Fog chiller

DIY Fog chiller

Sean writes – “My DIY Fog Chiller was made from things just lying around the house, well in the freezer. I used some icepacks we had in the freezer that can conveniently fold into a triangle shaped tunnel and a mysterious coffee can filled with frozen water to cool off the fog coming out of the machine. I just propped the “ice pack tunnel” up to the appropriate height for the fog machine to shoot fog right through the tunnel. Then put the frozen coffee can at the end of the tunnel for further cooling of the fog.” Thanks Mable! – Link & photos.

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  1. roddefig says:

    Here’s a link to a much more permanent/sturdy fog chiller:

  2. Russtang says:

    Last halloween, I made one inspired from plans on the web. The key to good ground-hugging fog is to not impede the flow of the fog. Large volume and lots of cooling surface area is key, otherwise the fog will recondense into it’s original liquid form. Here’s what I used:

    1. Plastic 30 gallon trash can – $5 at home depot
    2. 12 feet of 3″ metal expanding dryer tubing – $12 @ HD
    3. 6 bags of ice – $6

    I cut a hole in the bottom of the can and pushed the dryer tubing through. I then coiled up the tubing inside the can and added ice. I flattened the exit of the tubing into kind of a fan shape and put the fog machine on a table. The output was directed into the top of the tubing.

    I controlled the on/off cycle with a 555 timer circuit and a relay. Worked great. Filled up the front yard with fog after only a few minutes.

    You can also save yourself a ton of $$$ by using your own homebrew fog fluid. I used 4 oz of glycerine (found at the drug store – $4) mixed with 12 oz of water.

    Have fun!


  3. YardHaunter says:

    And if you mix the homemade fog juice incorrectly, or if it doesn’t burn at exactly the right temperature, you might actually get formaldehyde, in which case you’ve pickled your TOTers, and you not only save the $10-15 on fog juice this year, but you get a ton of free corpses for next year! Double score!

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