DIY non-explosive root beer

DIY non-explosive root beer


Dave sent us this tasty step-by-strep for homebrewing root beer –

When I asked them about the yeast, the man behind the counter gave me a dreadful warning that making root beer with yeast is like making bombs. He said it was too dangerous as the bottles have a high likelihood of exploding. He also said that they had a high likelihood of fermenting the root beer and so it was a very poor way to make root beer. The method he suggested instead was carbon dioxide infusion. This required a carbon dioxide tank and regulator (I borrowed this from Dave) and a cornelious keg, which I purchased from Main Street Homebrew. It was used and set me back about $45. With the extracts and the book, I spent about another $25.

Mmmm … me likey non-explosive root beer – Root Beer: The Bacon of Beverages

Diyrootbeer Crop-1
DIY root beer

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