DIY Podcast Shower Radio

DIY Podcast Shower Radio

spr_full_set.jpgI try to maximize my “hostage” time as much as possible- waiting in line means it’s checking email time and while taking showers or exercising, fill that time with audio. Here’s a fun way to listen to podcasts (audio programs) in the shower. Project at a glance: Creative Muvo MP3 player -> Stereo wire -> RF transmitter -> RF input of 87.7FM -> Sony shower radio. I’m not sure why we haven’t seen a waterproof wireless MP3 player/receiver for the shower to stream in your music yet.

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  1. SpudGunMan says:

    they do have a waterproof player

    with headphones…

  2. riney says:

    Possible enhancement – you can pretty easily modify that Tunecast to stretch its broadcast range. I had to do that for pretty much the same application (I wanted to listen to streaming radio stations in the shower). That way you can get the transmitter out of the shower – I doubt it would last long in there. I wrote a little article about it here: Internet Radio Rebroadcasting

    Your Tunecast may vary; this is an article about modifying a different kind (this is where I got the info to do my mod): How to modify and improve a Belkin Tunecast II

    With a couple extra feet of antenna wire, my transmitter can be heard down the block (!)


  3. pfile says:

    another way to maximize your hostage time is to speed up the podcasts. i have been speeding up a few NPR shows to 1.5x — i have a perl script to do this and it works great for drive-time with my iPod. the key is to use software that can change the speed of the recording while maintaining constant pitch.

    i suspect some people might be able to understand even up to 2.0x.

  4. korcynsm says:

    Another waterproof MP3 player.

  5. fofer says:

    The iPod can speed up (or slowdown) bookmarkable AAC’s automatically. So I have iPodderX (and iRecordMusic) set to automatically convert any long recordings into that format.

    Also, for the shower, wy not just get a cheap battery powered speaker, and a long audio wire? (Enough wire to leave the mp3 player outside the shower.)

    No need to spend all that dough and hassle to make it wireless. Cool as it may be, it certainly seems like a whole lot of overkill.

  6. pfile says:

    the ipod speedup/slowdown is only like +/- 10% if that. i’m talking about 150% speed here.

    also my script converts the files to m4b so the iPod thinks they are audiobooks.

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