DIY shower modification

DIY shower modification

P10100188XoCarpespasm writes “it seems that all shower mfgs have had to comply with low flow regulation for a while now, but my shower was choked down too low to be enjoyable. so what to do? modify it of course! first i took the whole thing apart, and looked for the areas with the lowest flow. upon inspection, it turned out to be several places. i have one of those “head on a hose” shower heads, and there were restrictors on the ends of the hose, in the swivel mount, and in the head itself.” Link.

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  1. ObviousTroll says:


    Last time I had to do this, there was a single restrictor, in the house, and the paperwork for the showerhead actually told me where it was, what it was for, and how I would be breaking the law if I were to happen to unscrew the hose, remove the restrictor and reassemble the unit.

  2. ObviousTroll says:

    Doh. Not in the “house”! In the “hose”! I mean, techinically, it was in the house, too, and I did remove the restrictor from the house, but that really wasn’t the interesting part of the project…

  3. unterhausen says:

    I have a teledyne low flow shower head, and it does seem to use the water more efficiently. Most of these shower heads were designed for higher flow rates, and they obstruct the flow in the most brutal way possible so the water is slowed down. If you aren’t going to use much water, you want the speed the water hits you to be as fast as possible.

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