DIY Vampire Fangs – Weekend Projects PDFcast

DIY Vampire Fangs – Weekend Projects PDFcast

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What you see here is a negative mold of my teeth made of alginate. It’s a seaweed product used for dental molding. I got it at my local art supply store. It doesn’t taste too bad, but the texture is basically like putting slime-goo in your mouth and you have to have it in for about three minutes. Just because it’s non-toxic doesn’t mean that it’s not totally disgusting.

You can learn about this and the other mold making concoctions for making vampire fangs in the PDFcast which comes with every podcast every week. – PDF link

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  1. joypad says:

    i cant find the two part plastic to make a positive mold of my teeth with the algenate. what are the commen names for the stuff???

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