DIY whiteboard with support frame

DIY whiteboard with support frame

Diy Whiteboard Mats

Tom sent us this take on the DIY whiteboard project –

These instructions show you how to create a 4’ x 8’ whiteboard with minimal effort for about $40-50. It’ll take a little time (a couple of hours – most of which is waiting), but if you are cash strapped, it’s a good alternative.

Clearly illustrated PDF instructions available here – DIY Whiteboard for under $50

$28 huge cheap whiteboards

2 thoughts on “DIY whiteboard with support frame

  1. rmadams says:

    Great instructions! My wife and I covered our kids’ walls with showerboard from the local home improvement place. At 12$US per 4×8 sheet, it is almost cheaper than painting! Now our kids think they are in heaven, since they can write all over their walls…

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