Egg Scrambling Drill Attachment

I set up a makeshift kitchen in the workshop today to make breakfast.

There is now only one way to make scrambled eggs in the workshop, with a drill and a plastic fork!

12 thoughts on “Egg Scrambling Drill Attachment

  1. mister.joshua says:

    A metal whisk attachment would be good.

  2. jon.emmons says:

    Metal whisk would be great for beating eggs, but on a nonstick pan you want plastic. Nice on Bre!

  3. NickCarter says:

    I keep a metal whisk from an old, dead electric mixer in the drawer I keep my cordless drill in. That way I have a backup should my current mixer die, and it can be handy for mixing other, less edible, items.

    You can also hook a cordless drill up to a peppermill for large quantities of fresh ground pepper (remove the retaining nut on the top of the mill and chuck the threaded rod up in the drill) and also it can be used to power a hand cranked coffee grinder.

  4. Bazimpo says:

    For me is not a new idea, a friend of mine is using his drill about 6 years or more, to make hot chocolate in the Mexican way (a bar of solid chocolate especial for the recipe, with hot milk, and mix it in a pot with the drill and the atachment)

    We call it “Chocolate Taladreado”

    Saludos Doc :)

  5. dgallardo says:

    I always use a drill with a beater from an electric mixer to beat the masa (corn dough) when making tamales.

    As readers may or may not know, making tamales calls for beating lard into the masa until a bit of the dough floats. Masa and lard are pretty stiff stuff & if you’re making any decent quantity at all, say starting with 1 kilo of masa, a regular electric mixer will burn out before you get that far, so traditionally this task is done hand. The drill with a beater makes the job quick & nearly effortless.

    (For the record, I should mention that I no longer use lard but have been experimenting instead with combinations of olive oil and butter. While it might seem that vegetable shortening would make a decent substitute, it doesn’t actually work very well texture-wise or taste-wise. 50/50 butter and olive oil turns out pretty well & tastes great.)

  6. 3ricj says:

    but the eggs! oh so yummy.

    Thanks for the f00d, bre. :)

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