Einstein’s Workshop Showing Off Educational CAD Program

Einstein’s Workshop Showing Off Educational CAD Program


Einstein’s Workshop, based in Massachusetts, has had enormous success teaching 3D design to children as young as 8 while getting them excited about math and programming.

Their secret?

They’ve developed an educational CAD program called BlocksCAD. The interface is easy for developing minds to grasp, with interlocking blocks and sliders, simple shapes, and quick visual 3D feedback to help kids learn the math concepts behind 3D geometry.

So they brought it to Maker Faire this weekend.

It’s also up on Kickstarter. Check it out, and give them some support.

But short term, head over to where the makerspaces hang out, just past the 3D Printer Village, and give BlocksCAD a try.


A BlocksCAD screen, below.

's video poster

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