Embroidery Video Library at Needle ‘N Thread

Embroidery Video Library at Needle ‘N Thread

Chevron Stitch 01
Judy points us to Needle ‘N Thread a site that has an amazing video library of embroidery stitches. Pictured above is the mini sampler of chevron stitches (one of my favs). Link.

6 thoughts on “Embroidery Video Library at Needle ‘N Thread

  1. Judith Roenke says:

    Thanks for posting it! This site has helped me immensely since I find following written directions for needlework difficult.

  2. NateKerra says:

    wow I like the embroidery stitches on the video, some more embroidery stitches I use come from http://www.embroiderydesigns.com/embroidery_library.aspx
    The ones there are pretty good to.

  3. richeypaul1 says:

    These stitches are so intricate and beautiful. I really like the colors you’ve chosen to include here as well. I have been looking for some online sports embroidery designs, do you know of any good sites? Thanks!

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