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Everyday Carry at Maker Faire

Everyday Carry at Maker Faire
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At Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 longtime Make pal Kent Barnes kindly opened his everyday carry case and showed me what’s inside. It’s a highly personalized collection of tools, including a flashlight, X-Acto knife, drivers, laser pointer, and lock pick tools.

What’s in your everyday carry?

22 thoughts on “Everyday Carry at Maker Faire

  1. Jim Barbera says:

    Fenix LD01 LED flashlight – 85 lumens from one AAA battery. Upgraded with a rare earth magnet in the base recess.
    Leatherman Squirt P4 – No longer made. PS4 is the closest alternative. Use the pliers and blade daily.
    Both fit in the change pocket of my jeans.
    That’s it.

  2. David says:

    I filled my pocket around 1990. Leatherman Mini Tool (no longer made), 4 in one pocket screwdriver that packs into a little green ball, and a Victorinox Executive Swiss Army knife. And a bunch of quarters.
    I also have a standard paper towel dispenser key on my keychain. A recent addition to the other pocket is an iPhone which does everything else.

  3. timbearcub says:

    Might have missed something here, not being a Maker, but why the lock pick set?

    Here (UK) if you were stopped by police you’d get a BIG grilling about why you had one of those, as carrying tools for burglary is an offence of it’s own. Strange how Boing Boing and YT don’t even blink at lock picking tools…whereas I was o.O

    1. kentkb says:

      I carry a fixed bladed knife too. It is not concealed and legal here in California. I do not think it is the tools you use, but how you use them.
      If a stone is picked up in the street and used to hit someone, the stone by that usage becomes a weapon. Isn’t the problem the psychology and the intent of the person who means to do harm?

  4. bubblesort says:

    In the US we don’t give up our rights to lockpicks and weapons quite so easily as the Brits, since we don’t care much for the idea of fealty to a monarch. Here is a pretty good overview of how lockpicking laws work in the US, on a state by state basis:

    1. timbearcub says:

      Similar difference in gun laws too – still doesn’t mean you should carry them. Just because it’s legal to carry something, doesn’t mean you should. I’d be really wary of anyone carrying lockpicks, legal or not.

      1. Monkey says:

        I’d be really wary of anyone who thought I shouldn’t carry something completely legal just because they were nervous about it.

        I know people who pick locks and I know people who carry guns. Some of them are civilians, some of them are cops, and some of them are locksmiths. None of them worry me in the least.

        1. timbearcub says:

          So I guess all the kids who carry knives in London are just looking to get stones out of horses hooves? Odd logic.

  5. kentkb says:

    Thanks for the post Mark.
    We did not break down the red first aid kit more than it had coffee in it, there is much more.
    I also carry the Leatherman P4 Squirt on my key chain, this I use so often it is in my front pocket.
    The every day carry usually lives in my messenger bag, but also has belt loops.
    Lock picks are legal by statute in California, the state must prove criminal intent.( Thanks Toool )
    Yes the EC is a work in progress.
    What is your EC?

  6. David says:

    Marathon Diver’s Automatic wristwatch
    Belt (Wilderness Instructor Belt):
    Colt 1911A1 Government Model + 1 spare magazine, Streamlight PTL1 flashlight, Leatherman Wave, Samsung Rugby Pro.
    CRKT IgnitorT folding knife, Atwood Prybaby, True Utility; nail clip kit, eyeglass, and fire stash, Fenix E05 flashlight, Case Jr. Scout knife, lockpicks, bandana
    Key chain:
    S&W handcuff key,, eGear Pico light, tweezers, pill case with Benadryl, my keys

    It’s interesting to see what people carry on them all the time. I’m self employed, I work as a photographer, technical illustrator, computer specialist, and occasional handyman. I don’t carry anything I haven’t at one time or another needed to use.

    1. kentkb says:

      Wow, some great choices! I may have to look some up.
      Thanks for sharing.

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