Fake gas engine for RC cars

Fake gas engine for RC cars

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Francesco writes in –

In the latest issue of the Japanese RC Magazine I discovered a custom device developed to provide to radio controlled electric cars a sound similar to the gas engines roar. The system has been created by a reader of the magazine and looks like a gas exhaust. The sound is created trough a small compressor and not by a simple chip + speaker system like seems in some RC toys…Fake gas roar: is this the future for real electric cars in 20 years?!

8 thoughts on “Fake gas engine for RC cars

  1. Marcel says:

    Your last remark is quite on the mark. In Amsterdam, there are plans to introduce electric busses. However, busdrivers have raised concerns about the fact that these busses are so much more silent, their approach might not be noticed by commuters. So there are plans to, indeed, fit these busses with devices that wil produce a fake gas engine sound.

  2. wtf? says:

    How exactly is this BETTER? First rice mufflers for your hatchback, and now for your RC car too! Honestly, the world could use LESS noise. If people would pay more attention when they cross the street, there wouldn’t be as many accidents. It’s bad enough the number of people hit by buses that AREN’T electric..

  3. ax0n says:

    As a geek and a cyclist, I can say that I’ve already noticed that electric and hybrid-electric cars running on electric power only are very, very sneaky for other roadway users who rely on their sense of sound to maintain situational awareness. It doesn’t have to sound like an engine running. It just has to have a discernible sound.

  4. Craig Overend says:

    I’ve earmarked a Tesla CD Turbine for my electric engine sound. :)

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