Flame Painting, Youtube Makers, and a CNC Giveaway at The Ozarks Mini Maker Faire

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Flame Painting, Youtube Makers, and a CNC Giveaway at The Ozarks Mini Maker Faire

This weekend will be the third annual Ozarks Mini Maker Faire. I’m particularly excited as this is my home, and I get to see my fellow makers of the Ozarks shine! This year, the event is being hosted at the White River conference center at Bass Pro Shops on August 26th. Get tickets to attend now!

I’m really excited to see who shows up this year, from the beautiful rolling hills and rocky bluffs of the Ozarks. It is always a pleasant surprise to discover something new from my area.

Here are a few things I’m particularly eager to see this Friday:


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Flame Painted Copper

Philip Cook will be returning to wow us again with his skilled flame painting. Even though I’ve seen this before, it is still something I can’t help but stand and watch. Those brilliant colors aren’t created with paint, but rather adjusting the heat and oxygen on the copper itself. Simply fascinating.

E3 CNC Router Giveaway

Bob’s CNC are bringing some fun toys to play with. Not only can you see their CNC Mills in action, you can sign up for a chance to win one of their E3 units!

Missouri school of Blacksmithing

Students of all skill levels can learn the age old skills of bashing hot metal into shape with the Missouri School of Blacksmithing. Hopefully we’ll be seeing hot metal and sparks flying throughout the day as Matthew Burnett shows us how it is done.

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Trying to bring a bit of humor and entertainment to woodworking, WoodenCreationz will be there showing off and talking about what it is like to make fun videos.

Queen City Beard and Mustache Federation

One of the interesting and unique features of the Ozarks Mini Maker Faire is the prevalence of fantastic beards. This can largely be attributed to the fact that we have a local beard and mustache club that raises money for local non profits. The Queen City Beard & Mustache Federation can boast that they’ve raised more than $80,000 since 2009!

Remember, this is only a taste! Get tickets and join me this weekend in Springfield Missouri at the Ozarks Mini Maker Faire.

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