The Foxtail is a Teardrop Camper on Steroids

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The Foxtail is a Teardrop Camper on Steroids
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When Wesley Harville decided he wanted a camper to accomodate his family, he set his mind on something very rugged. If you take a standard teardrop camper and raise it up on a fairly robust suspension, you get an off road camper. You’ll often hear people refer to these as overland campers. Building them to be rugged is the goal, and often the results are angular beasts that unfold to allow for a comfy spot in rough terrain.

Wesley didn’t just go out and buy one, he built is own and shared the process.

His design would match the looks of his Jeep visually. The space would be convertible from seating to sleeping and would be just spacious enough his family of 5.

As you can see in the video above, building one of these is basically an exercise in fancy box building.

You have to be smart about it, but fancy carpentry skills aren’t required. The end result is quite nice though, in my opinion.


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