Free POWderly…

Free POWderly…

Pow Derly Tshirt
Still no word, James is missing after making an illuminated “free tibet” sign in China…

Update: The protesters (including James Powderly) will spend 10 days in jail for the illuminated LED “Free Tibet” sign.

32 thoughts on “Free POWderly…

  1. Rev Matt says:

    So what you appear to be saying is that it’s perfectly okay to go to a foreign country and violate their laws intentionally and expect no consequences? That seems entirely reasonable. There are better and more effective forums for bringing about meaningful dialogue on issues that are far more complex than most of the activists I’ve heard on this issue seem to realize.

    Also: equating a political activist being detained for breaking the law with an actual POW is pretty disgusting.

  2. Are you kidding me? says:

    Seconded on the POW=political activist. There is a world of difference.

    Also, seriously? “All t-shirt proceeds will go towards getting James hella drunk when he gets back.” Nice to know that these brave souls are so dedicated to the cause that they’re willing to profit in such a greedy and idiotic manner.

  3. tiuk says:

    Glad to see others are as disgusted over this as I am. That was the only reason I clicked the comments link.

  4. Haha says:

    Yeah, I hope no one feels bad for this guy.

    Just because you are an American citizen doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want all over the globe.

  5. Lee says:

    I agree, this is just ridiculous.
    Political activists != POWs.

  6. RDAC says:

    Hasn’t seemed to stop our President.

    On the POW front, you don’t think that they were violating that country’s laws by shooting at their soldiers?

    Either way, I hope we agree to respect the man because he made a stand for his beliefs.

    I also concur that there are other ways, but this was his way. He thought that through his art he could impart the message best.

    If he’s in jail, then that is the risk he took. He understood it going in, and I hope that he is released soon, although they are under no obligation to do so.

    On another note, the ‘beer money’ is a horrible use of the resources. I’d use it to try to blast out as much press as possible, get people worked up to try to put pressure on China to release him.

  7. Rev Matt says:

    I don’t respect him for standing of for what he believes in in a completely idiotic and counterproductive manner. This sort of stunt isn’t designed to bring attention to the cause, but rather to the individual and make him a hero/martyr. It’s competely about ego and the fact that there’s a cause tangentially associated is merely a prop to get his name in the paper. I have zero respect for these kinds of stunts for just that reason.

  8. Phillip Torrone says:

    @Rev Matt – the only thing i said was “Still no word, James is missing after making an illuminated “free tibet” sign in China… ”

    you’re free to saying anything you want about this incident, just like everyone else here… a freedom we all have, which some do not.

  9. anon says:

    Agreed, while I hope James is released soon, I feel this graphic and link is in poor taste. imho.

  10. Unreal says:

    A very distasteful T-shirt. Comparing the hell and torture Vietnam vets went thru to a 10 day layover in Beijing for bragging rights is simply embarrassing.

  11. Rev Matt says:

    @Phillip: The graphic makes an explicit political statement equating Powderly with POWs. Don’t get me wrong, I hope he gets home safe and soon and I am sure being in the custody of the authorities in China is no picnic but that is just such an absurd and frankly insulting comparison to make. He is not serving time in a POW camp and being tortured to reveal information about his compatriots or forced to make false confessions.

    The graphic manages to trivialize POW’s, the Tibet question, and the serious situation that Powderly and his associates are in.

  12. james says:

    I also participated in the Tibet liberation movement here at home by flinging six LED throwies onto the side of Mooneyhan’s Pharmacy (I had seven but one missed).

    In addition, I spray painted a penis on a stop sign next to the Dairy Queen, but that was technically part of another Urban Communication project.

  13. Jim says:

    Comparing the suffering of Vietnamv vets and their families to Powderly and his buddies ?? New low for Make

  14. Phillip Torrone says:

    @Jim – the t-shirt was made by powderly’s supports and family — please visit the links provided. MAKE is not comparing, endorsing or anything else like that.

  15. Michelle Kempner says:

    Hey, I am James’s wife. James actually did not participate in the Free Tibet banner although they did use LED throwies. James was there with the intention of unveiling the Laser Stencil, a new project, in support of Students for a Free Tibet. James never got a chance to use the Laser Stencil because he was detained well before its use. So he actually is spending 10 days in prison in China without having done anything. I respect James for taking his commitment to providing open source tools so seriously despite such risk and he will be the one to suffer the consequences himself.

    It was my idea to collect t-shirt designs for James because I really wanted to do something a little light hearted and I also wanted a t-shirt that I could wear to give me a little comfort. I thing the POW connection is a little weird so I would not wear this shirt, but I appreciate that his friends are thinking of him.

  16. Firebert says:

    ‘Just because you are an American citizen doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want all over the globe.”

    Yeah, and those Tibetans should just suck it up too, eh?

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