Giant LED Display

Giant LED Display

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I dream of a backpack attachment for remote viewing!

This big LED display prototype I built from scratch for my employer. It conteins PIC based serial controller, PSU speaker and 420 LEDs forming segments of displays. Each segment consists of 20 superbright 5mm LEDs. Numbers are 20 cm high. LEDs are fixed on lasercut acrylic board surounded with lasercut foam on top of the board which serves as spacer and segment light barier. Board is distanced from the front pannel 20mm, so spotlights of LEDs are overlaping eachother and evenly illuminating whole area of segment. This display is meant to be the part of cue management system. I am planing to build a clock based on this prototype. No, not public clock… for my bedroom! – Link

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  1. Shadyman says:

    Reminds me of those big gas station price signs.

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