Gift Guide: Food

Whether you’re a foodie or know someone who is, here are a few of my favorite food-themed presents for the holidays. Get ready to get creative in the kitchen or simply sit down with a snack as you finish your handmade gifts.
Sprinkles Cupcake Mixes (pictured above)
I first went to Sprinkles in California last year and was immediately hooked. I always have a mix on hand when my crafting requires delicious cupcakes.
Rainbow Cake Earrings
Rainbown cakes have been huge this year! No wonder why they’d make a cute accessory.
Bloody Mary Mix from McClure’s
With production in Detroit and research facilities in Brooklyn, McClure’s are a huge source of pride here in the Mitten. Holiday crafting will go buy VERY FAST with this spicy cocktail mix.
Junior’s Christmas Swirl Cheesecake
I love cheesecake, so when you add a holiday theme, it tastes even better.
Star Wars Cookie Cutters
Star Wars cookie cutters – what else can I say?!

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