Give Maker Mom Podcast A Listen, Even If You’re Not A Mom

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Give Maker Mom  Podcast A Listen, Even If You’re Not A Mom

At a recent event, I was fortunate enough to watch Katie Freeman of Freeman Furnishings do some power carving (grinding away at some wood to create wonderful organic curves). While talking with her, she introduced me to her podcast, of which I had no idea. Katie runs Maker Mom, a podcast devoted to highlighting the maternal side of making.

Editor’s note: The Maker Mom Podcast has changed it’s name to the Wonder Women Podcast

Being a Mom, working or stay at home, comes with all sorts of tasks from diaper changes to helping with homework. Being a maker serves as a creative outlet for many busy Moms out there. This podcast brings their stories to you. How did they get started, why do they make, and how do they manage being a maker as well as a busy Mom? Every week I will bring you the story of a new Maker Mom.

The maker community is largely male dominated, especially when you delve into the woodworking and home improvement genres, so it is very interesting and enlightening to hear the stories of these women who make, build, design, and construct various things, often while raising a family.

I asked for a few episodes to give us a taste of what to expect, and Katie delivered. I recommend you give these a listen and see what you think! You may not be a mom, but I feel any parent can enjoy and identify with what these hard working makers are discussing.

Episode 60 Lizzy with The House of Timber

Episode 19 Char with Wooden Maven

Episode 55 Laura Mays

Editors Note: In the suggested stories below, there is a makerspotlight for a maker named Katie Freeman. That is not the same person that this story references. Sorry for the confusion!

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