Hacked-Together Mad Max Ebike Contraption

Hacked-Together Mad Max Ebike Contraption

Nathaniel spotted this fantastic post-apocalyptic EV machine parked by the side of the road and stopped to grab some pictures. He writes:

[W]hat makes this thing move is two car batteries running through a power inverter to produce 120v wall current which then runs an electric drill which turns the geared assembly to move the wheel.

And it comes with an integral beer cooler. [Thanks, TechEnvy!]

8 thoughts on “Hacked-Together Mad Max Ebike Contraption

  1. Timothy Gray says:


  2. Raul Castro says:

    Wow! Beer included! :D

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s no Drill, that’s a HOLE HAWG!!! [Edit: hmm, not so sure on second look, maybe it’s a smaller knockoff hole hawg like animal, but in any case still awesome!]

    (See the book “In the beginning there was the command line…” for the reference, much more entertaining than I).

    The Hole Hawg, originated by Milwaukee tools, is now becoming *Illegal* for contractors to use, at least here in CA, because it is just too dangerous/powerful and slightly unwieldy. On the low speed/high torque setting, it’s only a matter of time before it throws you off a ladder(and possibly across the room). There are newer angle drills to do the same job with a bit more control now. But I’ll always have a warm spot in my heart for that monster.

    I only escaped it’s wrath mostly unscathed because I:
    A) treated it with extreme respect and
    B) only used it for a week to drill cable pathways in a zillion wood beams in my house, on the high speed/lower torque setting, which is ironically less likely to kill you. (Low torque is a relative thing here, it still damn near tossed me a few times, and I’m not small).

    All that to say, an *awesome* source of motive power. I suspect the inverter and/or batteries are unable to keep up with it’s potential!

    Totally awesome build!

  4. AndrewS says:

    no way this should be allowed on any roads anywhere
    clearly a danger to humanity

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