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Hackerspace Happenings

Are you a hackerspace member? We want to know about cool projects you are working on, or have completed, tools you’re using, fun stories about your space and its members, best practices you’d like to share with other spaces, etc. Say you build a new CNC mill–we want to hear about it! Maybe a member is organizing a Mini Maker Faire, has designed a cool robot, or has built something beautiful out of wood. We want to cover all of these things. Send it to johnb@makezine.com or tweet me at @johnbaichtal and I may be able to post it. Also feel free to subscribe to my hackerspaces Twitter list.

Shapeoko 2 Demonstration at Chicago’s PS:One


This Thursday Oct. 24, Chicago’s Pumping Station:One will host a demonstration of the new Shapeoko 2 CNC mill, which went on on sale yesterday. It’s a sweet, $299 desktop CNC mill that improves on the original Shapeoko with a larger work area, easy-to-expand axes, and dual-Y steppers. The Shapeoko’s parent company Inventables will be giving away a free milling bit starter kit to one lucky attendee, though you have to sign up through Meetup to be eligible.

Coding Workshop for Girls at Crash Space


L.A.’s Crash Space is offering a coding class for girls ages 7-13.

This is an informal, free event to encourage little girls to explore programming. We will be using Processing to make simple animations, and going over resources for families to use to continue exploring programming on their own at home.

-No prior programming exposure required.
-Bring a laptop with Processing installed (https://processing.org/download/) to participate, or email Michelle to find you a spare laptop (at0mbxmb@gmail.com).
-All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Hackerspace in a Shipping Container


Shanghai hackerspace Xinchejian built the world’s first popup hackerspace in a shipping container:

We built a Pop Up Hackerspace in a container as part of the Make+ for accelerating Makers’ project through Art. This is first to be host at the Creative Carnival in Shanghai. It’s done and opened over the weekend! It has been a success attracting a lot of visitors interested in 3D printing, robotics and Maker Culture! People come to see projects by the local makers, take workshop on Arduino and 3D printing and having fun talking to the makers. The pop up hackerspace will start its journey around China after the Shanghai Maker Carnival on Oct. 19-20.

[via Adafruit]

MidSouth Makers Featured in Memphis Flyer
Making It in Memphis is a nice cover story about MidSouth Makers, Memphis’ hackerspace.

“It’s a gym for geeks,” said Brett Henley of the MidSouth Makers, describing the three-year-old group’s community workshop (or “maker space”) tucked away in the light-industrial south end of Bartlett’s historic district. The facility is bristling with tools and technology ranging from a glass kiln to a sandblasting booth to cutting-edge 3D printers that Henley’s colleagues built from parts they made on other 3D printers.

Much of what the group produces seems to be more tools for making other things, but it’s a normal pattern of incremental development in the maker movement. Educating and encouraging each other is as important to the MidSouth Makers as building cool stuff. “We collect hobbies,” explained another member. “We do a lot of different things; it’s like ‘hobby ADHD.'”

2013 Winter Hacker Festival in Miami Beach

The folks from HackMiami have announced the 2013 Winter Hacker Festival on Dec. 5-7, 2013.

The Winter Hacker Festival 2013 features two days of training hosted by Sumit Siddharth on “The Art of SQL Injection.” Mr. Siddharth is a world renowned digital security attack methodology instructor who has presented on the topic of database attacks at some of the most prestigious hacking conferences around the world. Attendants of this class can expect to gain a comprehensive overview of SQL injection attack methodologies, the theory behind attack different vectors, and the tools used to take advantage of the inherent flaw.

The event with end with an all-day capture the flag (CTF) hacking tournament and nerdcore hip-hop concert. The CTF hacking tournament will be part of the Kommand && Kontroll series, developed by Rod Soto. The Kommand && Kontroll capture the flag series has been described as one of the most realistic hacking simulations ever designed. The competition includes an array of exploitable hardware/software vulnerabilities that mimic real world scenarios, ranging from basic web application attacks to simulated SCADA based critical infrastructure takeovers.

Twin Cities’ Nordeast Makers Opens its Doors

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 11.09.36 AM

Nordeast Makers is a tiny makerspace in Minneapolis. For the geographically concerned, the “Nordeast” refers to Northeast Minneapolis — NEM is made up of refugees from The Mill, a Minneapolis located Nordeast that unfortunately closed:

Six of us got together and spent months planning and searching for a new makerspace to call our own. Our mission was simple: we wanted to have a space that had pre- mium, top of the line equipment, but the whole operation had to be sustainable and profitable from day one.

NEM is looking for new members who want a smaller hackerspace with equipment that’s always up and running.

“Running a Hackerspace” Blog

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 10.52.17 AM

Running a Hackerspace is a tumblr devoted to the truisms and foibles of hackerspace life, with topics as noobs using tools, noobs asking questions, donations, open houses, insurance, mailing lists, and more. Check it out! They also have a Twitter feed.

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