Hacking CPU Voltage to Speed Up Your PC

Hacking CPU Voltage to Speed Up Your PC

Images-1-14 Adjusting the power supply voltage to your CPU can make all the difference between an erratically performing speed-hack and a stable screaming demon. Overclockers love to tweak every available parameter in attempts to squeeze every bit of performance out of their CPUs and system boards. Cranking up the speed is the most obvious way to get the CPU to run faster, but to get or keep it running at higher speeds you may have to jack up the CPU’s power supply voltage a notch or two. Link.

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  1. jcantara says:

    This isn’t a hack at all. This is using the provided adjustments to adjust the voltage. That’s like saying you “hacked” your bicycle into going faster by flipping the little gear-change lever into the next one up. Wheeeeee…

    There’ve been a few articles like this on Make, it’s disappointing.

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