Hacking Nintendo Punch-Out To Control It With Actual Punches

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Hacking Nintendo Punch-Out To Control It With Actual Punches

I recently adopted a kitten I found on the street, and every morning we play with the laser pointer. She gets a lot of fun and exercise out of this single-pixel video game, and it got me thinking I should make a video game where I get exercise too!

Fast forward 3 months and I’ve hacked a Nintendo Punch-Out boxing game so that you control it with actual punches instead of a controller. It gives you the feeling of actually being inside the video game! You can watch me build and test the game on my youtube video.

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The hardest part of the project was hacking the game to slow the opponents. You see, punching into the air is much slower than pressing a button on a control pad. So, the opponents were moving too fast, relatively, and it wasn’t a fair fight. I had to reverse engineer the source code (a process called “disassembly”) and slow each opponent down one by one.

The result is a very fun and playable game that you can try yourself — entirely in your browser —  by visiting RealLifePunchout.com

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