Have You Seen Our Live Makerspace Tours Yet?

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Have You Seen Our Live Makerspace Tours Yet?

We’ve recently been doing a very fun series with the help of our partner Digi-Key Electronics. We’ve been dialing into makerspaces all over and getting a live tour! We announce who and when on our twitter and facebook ahead of time so keep an eye on them to see who is coming up next, and join us during the event!

I think these are really fun, since they’re live we really get to see what the space is like. Sometimes it is hectic and bustling, sometimes it it relaxed and quiet, there’s no telling! Watch the few we’ve done already to get a feel for how they are going.

Milwaukee Makerspace in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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The Milwaukee Makerspace is quite sizeable. They showed us around the space and we got to meet a few artists. I really thought it was cool that they had a jewelry and ceramics area, those two aren’t as common in makerspaces as things like woodworking or welding, or even blacksmithing.


Hammerspace Workshop in Kansas City Missouri

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Located in Kansas City Missouri, Hammerspace Workshop just simply kept going and going and going. The space is so very well equipped that we just couldn’t help being a bit jealous.

Art Design Xchange in Portland Oregon

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In Portland Oregon we got a chance to meet with the folks at Art Design Xchange and check out their space. Weren’t those wooden sculptures cool?

We’ve got a few more in store for you and we’re excited to get to them. If you’d like to discuss different spaces with us, and make some recommendations, we’d love it if you’d join up with Make: Community. In our member section you get access to the editors to make suggestions for different spaces you’d like to see and even see what we’re working on ahead of time!

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