Help Us See 7 Maker Faires This Weekend

If you find yourself wondering what exactly you’re going to do with your time this weekend, aside from making something, maybe you should consider a Maker Faire. There just happens to be 7 Maker Faire events going on worldwide this weekend! Spread from China to Belgium and across the United States, there’s surely one near by.


Lets start with the biggest one. The Maker Faire UK is happening this weekend in Newcastle England. Online ticket sales may have already ended, but you can still get in at the door!

Aside from that big event, there are 6 mini Maker Faires starting tomorrow, April 26th:


Help Us See Them All

Sadly we can’t all attend every single Maker Faire. However, you can help! If you’re going to go to one of these events, why don’t you snap some pictures and post them on our facebook page! Alternatively, you could tweet some awesome pics to us @make and we’ll be sure to retweet them to all of our followers.

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