Here Are The Winning Ideas From the Festival Of Urgent Reinvention

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Here Are The Winning Ideas From the Festival Of Urgent Reinvention

The Festival Of Urgent Reinvention has concluded their event and boy what an event it was! There were presentations, tutorials, panels, and musical performances to keep you engaged and interested.

Personally, I was particularly excited about this tutorial on how to make Zines, but you can find highlights from the entire event on their youtube channel.

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With the conclusion of the contest, of course we have to announce the winners! There are four winners and each has their own category. Here they are, with their respective descriptions from the F.O.U.R. announcement.

Cyvian Chen’s Educational Board Game

The idea is to create an affordable game for teenagers and young adults in underserved communities that might not have a robust science education system. Let’s channel the love of gaming into self-education on public health measures by turning this information into functions of cards that help them win against their friends.

Karen Frineth Portillo Merlos and how An incubator for entrepreneurial people with disabilities can create agents of change.

Based on the premise of “nothing for us, without us,” the idea seeks to ensure that people with disabilities have other people with disabilities as references, who accompany them from the beginning of the process of training, creation, and monitoring of their enterprises until these are self-sustaining. In turn, they will become reference agents of change for other people with and without disabilities to break the inequality gaps in the region.

Jess jardim-Wedopohl with A platform that empowers people to help each other with climate action goals.

The platform would connect people who are well informed on climate change but excluded (by location, disability, finances, or other factors) from participating in all the individual climate action they’d like to undertake to people who have resources but aren’t sure where to direct them. As a starting point, this would involve getting in touch with climate activists already operating in those communities and starting with questions like “Do you even want this?” and “How could we make this more useful to you?”

Damilola Adeyera with A system that makes civic engagement and social justice available via cellphones.

AwaCountry as an organization believes unity can be accelerated through the use of civic engagement and getting citizens to speak out when their rights are trampled upon. The idea focuses on the 49% of communities in Nigeria who don’t have access to the Internet. The domain name has been bought and registered—now, the next step is to create an official website and USSD code.

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