Homemade Apple shirt get Maker a job

Homemade Apple shirt get Maker a job

Neonrehan used his Maker skills and landed a job with Apple, next job interview – roll in with a DIY shirt you made, IT WORKS, he writes – “As you may know. Apple has a 16 year old program called the Apple Campus Rep program. It is a way for anyone in a four year institution to get free shwag from Apple while at the same time getting paid to market their computers, ipods, and other cool products. Since the selection process is pretty “selective” for lack of a better word, I had to up my game to stand out from the other 9 other applicants at my school. I did this by dawning my evangilistic apple gear to the meeting.”Link.


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4 thoughts on “Homemade Apple shirt get Maker a job

  1. Shadyman says:

    “Homemade Apple shirt get Maker a job”… and gets poster a visit with Mr. Grammar Check?

    JK, but still, something is funny with the title.

    Get = Gets?

  2. dculberson says:

    Well, the shirt obviously didn’t get Maker any grammer skills. ;-)

    You don’t “dawn” clothes, unless it’s morning and you’re letting the sun shine in. You usually don them. Or, you know, put them on.


    (And yes, I’m ribbing you, but it’s good naturedly. Not mean spiritedly. You could say I’m donning my sarcasm hat. Sarcasm is dawning. :-P )

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