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Homemade LED shirt…

Homemade LED shirt…

Moonanite Shirt 2
Moonanite Shirt 1
Craig writes in with some more LED shirt action… –

“After hearing the news from Boston and laughing hysterically my friends and I decided that we needed to make something in response. When hearing about your challenge to make a LED Aquateen t-shirt we immediatly took action. Attached is a picture of the shirt. It is constructed from discarded LED’s found in a server and a spare t-shirt.’

30 thoughts on “Homemade LED shirt…

  1. anKo says:

    righteous! all i did was make this this

  2. trebuchet03 says:

    good lord that was fast

  3. tenax8 says:

    Just playing devil’s advocate here… but those LEDs are not attached to the shirt, nor is the circuit (note the difference in height). If that’s an LED shirt, then I’ve got a cool flashlight shirt and some Q-Beam pants to show off!!

    But still, props for putting it together, and for being the only one (so far…)

  4. xSmurf says:

    Hehehe Joy Of Tech are at it too!

  5. mpayson says:

    Careful. Don’t wear it in Boston, or you might be blown up by the bomb squad.

  6. mpayson says:

    Not sure what you mean by “not attached to the shirt”, tenax. Looks like their attached to me. Probably by tape or maybe hot-glue, but they still look attached o me. Is it something that will withstand the washing machine? Well, no, but I don’t think it was intended to be.

  7. mrdoody55 says:

    No, I think what he is saying is that it looks like he took a box, slapped some LEDs on it, and shoved it under his shirt.

  8. keyma5ter says:

    Look out! He’s got a bomb strapped to his chest!

  9. cerryl308 says:

    To clarify:

    It was not our intention to directly implement the design discussed in the LED T-shirt post. Rather, ours features the design mounted directly on card stock taped to the inside of a shirt.

    Surprisingly, it is actually quite robust albeit somewhat awkward as I managed to wear it around school for about an hour yesterday. Nevertheless the design is back in my window where it belongs.

    People’s responses to the shirt were very positive and I think it has served its purpose as implemented.

  10. talkinmountain says:

    uh oh, proof that terrorists were behind this:

    osama and “the device”

  11. jimbo92107 says:

    Run away, it’s gonna blooooooooooow!!

  12. zedomax says:

    holy cow, better start running!

  13. 13erri_fu5i0n says:

    um, lol…Surely it can be done better than this!? I think I will take on the challenge since I was making something of this sort already (cannot disclose info right now =]). You’ll all have to wait atleast a week! Too bad by then all the hype will have died down. Oh well. I’ve already ordered the parts.

  14. ej00807 says:

    Your going down punk…. Book him, Dan-O!

    Can you believe somebody got fired over this? They should have gotten a promition. Brilliant publicity. Boston should be forced to return the 2 million bucks.

    Also, if Bostonians are really that light footed, they should pass a law banning Light-Brite ™ toy sets.

  15. gerd1022 says:

    i think that the whole point was to do it fast enough so that there was still hype… anyway if the shirt was thrown together the day of the scare, more power to ’em, even if it is not as classy as people want it to be.

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