Homemade Scope Clock

Homemade Scope Clock

New-Psu-Clk18I think this is the coolest clock ever...used but working DG7 tubes and a transformator cheap, one from Mullard and one from Phillips. Other CRT Cathode Ray Tube types can be used; you can even rip one from an old and maybe dead oscilloscope, then you also get the powersupply and stuff. If you are lucky the deflection amplifiers also work :-) Then your own home made Scope Clock is soon up and running, good luck. Link.

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  1. mrbaker says:

    IIRC, the “SYM” 6502-based single-board computer from the late 1970s [there were also 6502 SBCs called KIM, AIM, etc. — I think SYM was from Synertek] had the capability to draw/write text on a standard oscilloscope. Don’t think it required any additional hardware beyond what was included on the board, and the relatively tiny software driver routine for that functionality was included in the printed manual. Anyhow, that’s what this project reminded me of :-)

  2. USB 3G says:

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