Hot dog machine

Hot dog machine

Drew has reached an important milestone in DIY food reconstitution/tube-steak fabrication –

Shown in this video is a lab-scale thermal depolymerization unit. It uses steam to break up food waste, and reconstitutes it into hot dogs.

The finished product is nearly indistinguishable from a store-bought hot dog, and hey… at least you know what it’s made of.

Other attempts have been made, but this one’s a breakthrough – here’s hoping Drew makes it open source!

After further contemplation, it seems worthwhile to mention the fact that I also made attempts at such a device –


Collin Mel writes –

I was deeply moved by a video I took in last week. This gifted gentleman who goes simply by the name of “Drew”, has created a device which reconstitutes food leftovers into what else but Hot Dogs!
Needless to say I was inspired to follow suit, so from what little information I could gather from Mr. Drew’s video demonstation, I went to work on my prototype. After two sleepless, arduous evenings my prototype was ready for testing. I switched the power on.
After 8 long minutes of shrill noises and an increasingly nauseating stench, my creation had created something of its own. To my great dissapointment, there was no nitrate free tube steak, but it was kind of wet and pink- Ham. I don’t like ham and I didn’t want ham. Its irridescent highlights glimmered mockingly.
And this is not the first time my engineering skill have defied my intention. I still have a homemade “guitar amplifier” that does nothing but play Radio Disney incessently.
I suppose this means I should go earn more xbox achievement points. *super sigh*

Understand, I was new to the field of hardware development – it’s clear to me now that the speaker I used should have been of a much higher impedance.

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