How To Build Dream’s Helmet From Sandman For Cosplay

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How To Build Dream’s Helmet From Sandman For Cosplay

With Neil Gaiman’s Sandman coming out on Netflix, I just knew we were going to see some fantastic Sandman cosplay coming out. SKS props really impressed me with this build of Dream’s helmet from the show.

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This is a great tutorial video, really laying out how to properly cut and arrange the bits and pieces to get the shape you want. There’s a downloadable PDF that goes along with it, that includes the full project template as well.

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If you’re unfamiliar with The Sandman, or wondering why there would be cosplay for it, today is your lucky day. Gaiman is a beloved author who has written books that, at times can feel like they shaped a whole generation. For some, their introduction was from movie adaptations like Coraline. If that’s your only familiarity, and you loved it, you absolutely need to look into his books.

One property that has a massive following is the comic book series The Sandman, which came out in 1989. People have been begging for a live action adaptation of this story for quite some time, so there is a lot of excitement around it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a whole slew of other Sandman cosplays as several of the characters have a long tail of fan art. So far, the new series appears to be well received.

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