HOW TO make a 13-pound Gummy Bear

HOW TO make a 13-pound Gummy Bear

Dscn2123.Jpg-Thumb 150 11313 pounds of gummy bears, sorted out, melted, and layered into an empty tub of animal crackers. A day and a half of work. He used different colors so the gummy bear is striped, as each layer of melted bear was poured in. [via] Link.

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  1. wai_xing_ren says:

    That’s awesome, but he should work on the head. The crown of thorns look isn’t working.

    I tried melting gummy bears a few years ago and the taste went off. Maybe I’d burnt them. This has inspired me to try again. ^_^

  2. Tweaq says:

    its not really a how to, but still freakin awesome! how did he go about melting the gummy bears, and tear the case apart?? i wanna try it!!

  3. FauxReal says:

    It’s almost scary looking. How about next time wiring some LEDs behind the eyes so they light up via battery power. Then, roll it in sugar to make it all sparkly and worship it atop your homemade altar.

  4. dwhisnant says:

    My cousin and I were inspired by this and set out to re-create it. Well, we actually didn’t want to buy 13 pounds of gummi’s, but we were willing to buy 4 pounds. I didn’t have a cookie jar, so we used a piggy bank.

    Total cost $8.97 USD.

    Link: Gummi Pig

    Please check it out.


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