HOW TO – Make a RFID pet food access control system

Mlarsen writes –

In this instructable I will explain how to make a simple RFID pet food access control system. This system uses a stand-alone RFID system that can be purchased either pre-assembled or in kit form if you desire to do the soldering yourself, and also wish to save a few dollars in the process.

The reason I made this was out of pure necessity. I have two dogs, and when my vet placed one of them on a special diet I needed some way to ensure they ate their own food… and only their own food. Since they are open-bowl fed and I’m gone part of the day, I decided to look for a product that would do what I needed. This meant I wouldn’t have to spend a great deal of time trying to re-train them and still give them the freedom to eat whenever they chose. This is where my frustrations begun…

HOW TO – Make a RFID pet food access control system – Link.

8 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make a RFID pet food access control system

  1. bentheo says:

    what would be a really cool adaptation of this project would be using the rfid chips that many pets have implanted in case they are lost.

  2. yo_tyler says:

    Those tags use a proprietary protocol, and ownership of the compatible readers is restricted to vets, kennels, and the such.

  3. Echo_Hotel says:

    I think you underestimate how much a dog is willing to go through to eat something it’s been told it shoulden’t… ;)

  4. newtonian says:

    The RFID tags used here are probably not the same as the vet uses. You can buy RFID tags online with a reader. It may not read the pet info, but you would write your own info to the tags. Like Dog1 and Dog2.

    Instead of the sound, you could use a linear actuator to cover the bowl if the unauthorized dog tried to eat it.

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