How to: Make a Skateboard Sail

How to: Make a Skateboard Sail

Here is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Although I wouldn’t use it to commute to work! This looks like a fun project to make with your kids. All you need is some PVC pipe, duct tape, and a large piece of plastic. Oh, and a bit of wind!

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6 thoughts on “How to: Make a Skateboard Sail

  1. ionymous says:

    For the love of Pete… but a freakin’ helmet on that kid before he wins the next Darwin award!

  2. tallpat says:

    I disagree ionymous… We as a society should stop trying to over protect everyone from the dangers of everything. Stupidity is meant to hurt, how else will anyone learn?

  3. ionymous says:

    I didn’t say anything about society saying he should wear a helmet.
    People don’t have to only learn by doing something stupid and then correcting themselves. They can learn from others before they do something stupid.
    I just done want to see someone, especially a child, get hurt because their parent overlooked something.

    In the right wind, that thing will fly. I remember when I was a kid, sitting on a skateboard, holding a piece of cardboard. I got going uncontrollably fast. Pretty cool.

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