HOW TO – Make coin wrap rolls

HOW TO – Make coin wrap rolls

Dimitrios writes – “Having to sort coins each month for my side business, I wanted a quick solution to the trouble of doing this with torn paper, and handwriting the denominations on the rolls. I searched the internet thinking that surely this must be downloadable somewhere, only to find it wasn’t. Sure, you can buy these rolls ready made at an office store, but that’s like a box of 5,000 boring rolls. Instead I designed my own, and made it available to the public for free…”Link.

10 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make coin wrap rolls

  1. mzungu says:

    I thought you can get these free from the bank…

  2. abrannan says:

    Many banks will not accept rolls that aren’t made with “offical” rolls.

    1. Allan says:

      They’re a bank, they have to accept them. Even if they werent in rolls and were in a big sandwich bag, they would still have to accept them. Think about it…… they’re a bank. Maybe you were thinking about a liquor store or grocery store that doesnt accept them, but a bank has to accept them. They may charge you a fee if your not a customer with that bank but they have to accept it.

  3. fstedie says:

    I just take them to the Coinstar machine at the supermarket. No fee is you cash them in for gift cards (starbucks, home depot, etc.)

  4. greenpeas says:

    I used to work for a bank and we always gave out tons of coin wrappers for free. I think most banks do.

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