HOW TO make Google Earth Movies, for Free! 

HOW TO make Google Earth Movies, for Free! 

Testflyin-Divx Great how-to. The free version of Google Earth does not allow you to do certain things, like produce paths. So, I hacked that together by editing the .kml file in WordPad (ah, brings back memories of html before wysiwyg editors). After producing some stunning tour animations on-screen, I quickly wanted to be able to save them as a movie. The problem is, you can not save movies unless you buy the $400 Pro version of Google Earth, plus the optional Movie Maker module for God knows how much more. The heck with that! I figured once it was displayed on my screen, I should be able to save it. So I did. Link.

0 thoughts on “HOW TO make Google Earth Movies, for Free! 

  1. unclerob says:

    Are you across the street from Gillogly Chevrolet?

  2. dscotch says:

    Yup, Gillogly is across the street.
    Nice catch!

  3. Torben says:

    sounds amazing, but the link is broken.

    can you guide me to it?

  4. Hector says:

    If anybody needs a movie export of a Google Earth tour/route, please contact me at

  5. jefke says:

    HOw did you do this? link doesn’t make sens

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