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HOW TO – Movies in 3 dimensions

HOW TO – Movies in 3 dimensions

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How to adapt any 8 or 16mm movie camera and projector to take and show stereo movies –Mechanix Illustrated 1953.

IF you own an 8 or 16mm movie camera and projector, you can make your own amazingly lifelike three dimensional movies in full color or black and white at a cost of less than $6 for equipment.

The principle of stereoscopic vision is simple. Each eye sees a slightly different aspect of any view. The right eye sees slightly more of the right side of solid objects in the foreground, and the left eye sees slightly more of the left side. In addition, when the eyes are gazing at an object in the foreground, the objects seen by the right eye in the background are displaced to the right, and the objects seen by the left eye in the background are displaced to the left. These two slightly different images that fall on the retinas of the right and left eye are transmitted to the brain and are fused into a scene which enables us to perceive depth.

26 thoughts on “HOW TO – Movies in 3 dimensions

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a clever bit of optical work – it’s a shame that modern video equipment doesn’t carry polarization the way film did.

  2. The Oracle says:

    The article being quoted got it backwards though, objects seen by the left eye are displaced to the right and vice versa.

    Phil, I did ask for a posting on 3D video, so thank you.

  3. Phillip Torrone says:

    @The – Oracle, no problem – i have a few more 3D video posts on my list coming up too.

  4. The Oracle says:

    @Phil – That’s good to hear. The one posted here in really interesting to read because of the 50 year old tech. But isn’t workable with modern tech. It should be a nice contrast the 1950’s way vs a pair of modern webcams.

  5. Volkemon says:

    Good lord…I guess if PT or Collin dares to mention their in-house products someone will jump down their throat…

    @ The ‘O’ and ” “- Page 50, Make:14-

    Homebrew digital 3D movies

    get it now in your digital edition with a subscription blah blah blah…

    Polarization of a 3D monitor setup covered.

    All modern tech. Ahhhhhhhhh……..

    OK, not the same method used, but the new answer to an old question. Same result….

    but not webcams. Hmmm…good Make there maybe….

  6. The Oracle says:

    I doubt anyone would jump down their throat for mention an article in Make. Now if they said they happened to stumble across this article and then pointed to one in Make… ;)

    Is Make 14 the current one on the newsstand? I cancelled my subscription after issue 8 because they kept pushing GRL and everything Phil calls culture jamming, but that article does sound interesting.

  7. Phillip Torrone says:

    @The Oracle – i’m pretty sure at this point any debate about the “if” GRL is art is probably moot. they’ve been at just about every major modern art museum, the latest was at MoMa. i think anyone in the art world would say it’s art at this point.

    art is polarizing, at least the good stuff tends to me it seems.

    despite there being a few posts about GRL on MAKE, there wasn’t actually that much, i wish we had more but we try and cover trends and a little of everything as the world of art, making and everything in between changes. i’m sorry that you didn’t MAKE so much you canceled your subscription.

    MAKE didn’t have any pages devoted to GRL specifically, LED throwies was a one page article and that’s about it. pretty sure there wasn’t more than that… but i will check.

    all that said, you’re missing out! you asked about 3D video in commented post awhile back and we deliver!

    we do a good job listening to everyone, while we didn’t do this article specifically in response to your request, it helped! and i have more planned for the site for 3D video.

    i’ll be posting the 3D article link on MAKE soon from volume 14.

    if you use code CMAKE you can get $5 off USD (if you’re in the USA) on a MAKE subscription.

  8. The Oracle says:

    @Phil, no need to check if there were other pages devoted to them. The throwies is all I remember and it’s not really an issue anyway. I think anyone in the art world considers MoMa a sick joke, but that’s also beside the point.

    I know that *overall* you do a great job listening. I just don’t understand why you personally seem to be so into culture jamming, even when it is way out of the scope of make, you try to cram it down our throats.

    I don’t stick around here because I like arguing with you or being a troll, I do it because deep down, I really do like make and want it to be the best it can be.

  9. Phillip Torrone says:

    @The Oracle – thanks for the kind words, i appreciate it. MAKE is always striving to get better – just keep in mind when the world of making goes different places sometimes it’s not 100% accepted by everyone, some love arduino, some don’t some like steampunk, some don’t, some like “culture jamming” some don’t — it’s just a journey, not really a destination – we keep moving along with what and where the makers are doing.

    everything is temporary :)

  10. The Oracle says:

    @Phil – I love Arduino postings as well as steampunk (I just wish I had the artistic skills to do something steampunk).

    I suppose a big distinction is that someone building a steampunk project can’t possibly annoy me since I can just not look, while culture jamming, by definition, is meant to annoy just to provoke a reaction.

    Most of what appears in Make and on the blog is designed to provoke a “WOW” reaction. I just don’t see what you also want a section designed to provoke a “screw you” reaction. It just adds so much negativity to the world, by design.

  11. Phillip Torrone says:

    @The Oracle – yah, it’s interesting. there are some people that get what i’d call “screaming angry” – everyone is different.

    i’m not so interested in the reactions that a “culture jamming” project creates but the reasons why it was created and the physical/making that goes in to it. GRL being one of the best examples, the laser tag project for example – it’s hardware, software, it’s amazing to look at and anyone can build one.

    any way, thanks for participating – i’m glad there are some good posts and articles here for you!

  12. The Oracle says:

    @Phil – the laser tagging is a great example of why I’d say it’s worth getting “screaming mad”, for exactly the reasons you said. Can you picture every bored highschooler with one of these things that “anyone can build”? Every surface in a decent sized city would be covered by laser graffiti. Who wants to see that whenever they go outside? That goes in line with the reason I more-or-less decided to no longer subscribe to Make. I didn’t want to fincially support doing that to my world.

    To be clear though, I think there is much, much more that’s good here and worth reading than bad.

  13. Phillip Torrone says:

    @The Oracle – i’m a little confused now, there’s more good than bad but you won’t support us by subscribing? there are specific articles being posted because of a request you had, that’s sorta unfortunate for us.

    as far as laser graffiti goes, it’s not cheap, there will not be legions of bored high schoolers with expensive laptops, lasers and projectors in every city. besides, if there were that would mean kids are getting very technical and industrious (a good trend if it were to happen).

    i do like that anyone can build these, the big idea is that a very amazing work of art can be shared, replicated and improved upon. i live in nyc, i can imagine a city with bright lights everywhere – it’s time square and it’s one of the most popular places in the world.

    MAKE has never had an article in the magazine about laser tag (pretty sure that is) and we’ve never devoted anything more than a few posts and maybe a video clip to laser graffiti – it’s a shame theoretical teenagers with lasers and MAKE are getting punished for accurately observing a trend.

    you’ll notice there’s not much more about GRL, there are new things happening now.

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