HOW TO – Pre-sliced bananas

HOW TO – Pre-sliced bananas

Mr. Wizard did this one, now you can – prank your banana eating friends with this pre-sliced nanner – [via] Link.

14 thoughts on “HOW TO – Pre-sliced bananas

  1. dkgoodman says:

    I remember doing that as a kid in the 60’s. The method described leaves a circle of brown spots at each slice. Another way is to insert the needle and swish it across the banana from one edge to the other, leaving only a single brown spot per slice, and the needle can be inserted at different edges to prevent a line of spots.

  2. kryten007 says:

    Yup, I concur with DK–the needle swish is the way to go! I remember finding this most hilarious as a child as well…

  3. burlives says:

    I kid you not, I was in bed two nights ago about to fall asleep when I remembered seeing Sherry Lewis do this on TV years ago and told myself that in the morning I was going to read up on how to do it. I forgot about it until I read this post. Thanks guys!

  4. JackandJohn says:

    This is totally uncool.

    I happened to see this _exact_ page in a book of magic tricks for kids when I was at chapters recently; This is describing a method for being able to “Magically cut a banana”.

    If I could remember the title or the author, I would credit them here, but I cannot.
    Point being: Sara Thatcher (Or someone she knows) plagiarized from material meant for 9 yr olds. Boo.

    (note: I’m not saying ‘boo-urns’)

  5. 3ricj says:

    If you soak the needle and thread in lemon juice before each pass, it will prevent the brown spots from showing up. My grandmother is a food hacker, I learned that from her.

  6. Unomi says:

    This very same trick (with the swish) scared the hell out of me when I was over at my grandparents for a weekend. I was about 6 or 7 years old. I could not believe a banana to be sliced up before opened.

    It’s a nice trick, but don’t do this to naive kids, it’ll traumatize them. ;-)

    – Unomi –

  7. MaxH says:

    I also learned the swish method (I prefer swipe, but the term has been coined) in the ’70s, and found it quick and easy. This one sounds more complicated for the same payoff.

    Speaking of old trick, anyone else learn the jumping rubber band “trick” as a kid? Nothing like that one to fascinate budding topologists!

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