How To – Revive scratched plastic lenses

How To – Revive scratched plastic lenses


Owners of UV coated plastic lenses take note –

The last time I got glasses, I let the salesman talk me into the UV/Anti-Glare coating, which I’d never had before. After time, the coating began to develop tiny, really fine scratches, which kept building and building. They got so bad, I was going to get new glasses — until a friend recommended Armour Etch, a glass etching cream you can get at art/craft stores like Michael’s or Dick Blick. The way it removed the coating, leaving me with a perfectly unscratched lens, was phenomenal!! I do experience a little more glare without the coating, but I can live with that — having the scratches was driving me nuts! Instead of having to spend $100+ on new lenses, I got away with spending a little over $10!

While definitely NOT for use on glass lenses – this method seems worth a try, just be sure to test on a small area first. (I’ll let you know how my test turns out) – Armour Etch on Cool Tools

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