How to turn a highlighter into a Flash drive

How to turn a highlighter into a Flash drive

Hey, why not? Everything else has been turned into a Flash drive by now.

Highlighter flash drive case – Link

6 thoughts on “How to turn a highlighter into a Flash drive

  1. blacksh33p says:

    I will tell you why not! It isn’t newsworthy!

    I’m posting an instructable, how to turn ANYTHING into a “shell” for a USB drive.

    1: Take USB drive
    2: Place anywhere in car/home/anything that encloses said USB drive.
    3: Congrats! You just made a “X” USB drive! Now you can get noticed all across the blogosphere!

    That will end this nonsense.

  2. tenax8 says:


    You forgot step 4: Profit.

  3. Austringer says:

    Couldn’t you say the same thing about all of mechanical engineering?

    1)Take a source of power.
    2)Using levers, wheels and the ideal gas law manipulate said power to your ends.

    I thought this was clever because you could leave it on your desk (well, I could leave it on my desk) and not be harassed by the security drones at work because, you know, Al Qaeda is hiding in the bushes just waitning to steal the Power Point presentation I’ve been putting together and that picture of bacon taped to a cat.

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