How-To: Wedding Unity Candle

CRAFT: DIY Wedding

By Vanessa Coppola
I love the little details of a wedding, the details that give you a glimpse into the couple’s personality. Crafting something for your big day will not only give your wedding a more personal touch but it will also save you money (so you can have a larger dress budget, of course). I was a DIY bride when planning my wedding 3 years ago, and once of my favorite wedding projects was the unity candle. Not only was it such a simple project but, in my opinion, it looked so much better than any store-bought candle we could have purchased. I still love looking back at my wedding photos that capture all of the little handmade details that we incorporated, and I wish you the same nostalgic memories.

Wedding Unity Candle Materials


Pillar candle
2 taper candles
Transparent vellum paper
Glue dots
Double-sided tape can also work.
Gemstone scrapbooking embellishments I used buckle slides and gem dots.
Paper cutter


Wedding Unity Candle Step1
Step 1: Print your wedding logo horizontally on the vellum paper. I designed a simple monogram with our names and wedding date using Photoshop. Cut off about 1″ from the top and bottom of the vellum paper using a paper cutter.
Wedding Unity Candle Step2
Step 2: Attach the vellum paper to the pillar candle using a few glue dots in the back. Double-sided tape would also work for this project.
Wedding Unity Candle Step3
Step 3: Slide the buckle slide (you can find these in the scrapbooking aisles at your local craft store) on the ribbon and attach the ribbon to the pillar candle using a few glue dots. If you don’t like as much bling as I do, just attach the ribbon to the candle minus the buckle slide.
Wedding Unity Candle Step4
Step 4: Attach a ring of ribbon to the taper candles using glue dots, and add crystal scrapbooking embellishments to the candles for a little more sparkle.
Wedding Unity Candle Step5
Step 5: Enjoy your wedding day!
About the Author:
Author Vanessa Coppola
Vanessa Coppola crafts from her Arizona home, where she resides with her husband and two furbabies. They are happily expecting a baby boy in August. Vanessa is the author of The Crafty Nest, where she blogs about life and all things crafty.

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  3. Joy says:

    Hi Vanessa.. how did you get the vellum to transfer..I tried it and my candle melted but the image stayed on the vellum.. is there different thickness for vellum? I have the thick kind.. Also how long did you leave the heat gun to the candle..

  4. Brianna Hartman says:

    I planned on creating our unity candles myself just because I want our set to be so unique and specific (I plan on surprising him with it by adding something to it that he gave me that is very special to both of us :)!!) , and this is VERY helpful. Thank you!

  5. Sean Lim says:

    Great article!
    Can I ask you what fonts you used for the logo?

  6. myspiritrocks says:

    Any quick ways to make a logo besides PhotoShop?

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