HOW TO – Make Cupcake Bath Fizzies

Crafty Chica shares a recipe for cupcake bath fizzies she was lucky enough to get from Rose Slotter, founder of the Arizona Soap and Candle Makers Group. The “frosting” features actual meringue powder, mixed with delicious-smelling fragrance oils. Too cute!

2 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make Cupcake Bath Fizzies

  1. ashley says:

    Just a small heads up from a gal who makes and aweful lot of soap…
    The recipe for the cupcake “frosting” does contain real sugar. Ladies be forewarned, anyone succeptable to yeast infections should avoid these babies at all costs because sugar + naturally occuring yeast = mayhem! Stick to the plain old bath bombs which have no sugar and things should be a-ok.

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