If You’re Into 3D Printing, You Need To Be Watching CNC Kitchen

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If You’re Into 3D Printing, You Need To Be Watching CNC Kitchen

Within the world of 3d printing youtube channels, there is a wide variety of entertainment and edutainment. You can find people who are creating and printing any number of things to pique your interest, as well as reviewing new machines and showing off cool tech. However, one channel really stands out in my mind as a resource we should all be aware of, and probably supporting: Stefan at CNC Kitchen.

If you’re unfamiliar, today is your lucky day! Stefan takes a patient and measured approach to answering 3d printing questions. He sets tests, collects data, and shows his results in great detail, sometimes finding the answer to be different than our predictions going in. Tackling concepts like material strength, Stefan doesn’t simply print it and smack it and proclaim a winner. He sets up verifiable results with repeated tests to plot a graph with shear, compression, and tensile strength attributes.

Each topic Stephan approaches is dissected down to it’s measurable parts and methodically chipped away at, until Stefan can share an unbiased result, and that is a beautiful thing.

Above is another great example of CNC Kitchen. In any 3d printing group you’ll find people arguing about strength in regards to model orientation when printing. People will vehemently argue that the part printed on it’s side is stronger, or conversely that a part printed standing on end is stronger. Stefan put hours and hours of work into testing and documenting the results.

What about printing temperatures? You’ve probably seen plenty of arguments online about optimal printing temperatures for layer adhesion, but who backs it up with data? Who sets up multiple tests and shares their results? Stefan.

I heard a rumor that re-melting your prints in salt could make them stronger. I thought to myself: “I wonder if anyone has really tested this”. Stefan did.

Seriously, just go subscribe to the CNC Kitchen Youtube channel if you want to have a well rounded base of knowledge with your 3D printing. If you want to support Stefan more directly, check out his Patreon.


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