Ignite Minneapolis

Ignite Minneapolis

Apologies for the terrible photo, it was packed!

Great job to everyone who gave presentations at tonight’s Ignite Minneapolis event. There were some insightful, funny, and useful presentations, but huge kudos to Make: television‘s very own Bill Gurstelle who kicked off the night with an energetic manifesto on the “art of living dangerously”. The take away was, according to Bill, many of the world’s best engineers and leaders have blown off at least one thumb by living dangerously, and a lot of innovation and merit comes along with taking big risks. Look for more this summer when his book comes out, Bill can explain it much better.


For those who are unfamiliar with the format of these events…

Ignite is a community-driven event comprising a series of speed presentations. Ignite events skew toward the geeky and wonkish, are usually innovative and fresh, and always involve drinking.

Basically, a person prepares a brief presentation on any topic. They get exactly 20 slides to tell their story, and each slide displays onscreen for exactly 15 seconds. So that’s 5 minutes per presenter.


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