In the Maker Shed: 555 Noisemusick Kit

In the Maker Shed: 555 Noisemusick Kit

The 555 Noisemusick Kit from the Maker Shed is an fun way to learn more about one the most popular integrated circuits, the 555 timer. I had a chance to put one of these kits together a few weeks ago. It was really easy to solder, and the documentation was great. Check out the link for more information and a video of the 555 Noisemusick Kit.

The 555 Timer is one of the oldest integrated circuits still available. It’s also one of the few ICs you can buy at the mall! Its hardiness — and the fact that you can drive a speaker directly from the output on pin 3 — have made it a natural choice for electronic music experiments in noise since the seventies. The 555 Noisekit utilizes two 555 timers.

More about the 555 Noisemusick Kit

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