Back in the Maker Shed: MAKE Controller Kit v2.0

Back in the Maker Shed: MAKE Controller Kit v2.0
MKMT3-2 2.jpg

The MAKE Controller Kit v2.0 has been a popular item in the Maker Shed lately. Unfortunately they have been out of stock for a while. Well, problem solved, they’re back in the Shed! If you make a project based on the MAKE Controller, be sure to add it to the MAKE Flickr pool, or a link in the comments. I would really like to see some of the projects that use the full power of this kit. Thanks!

The MAKE Controller Kit is an open source hardware platform for projects requiring high performance control/feedback, connectivity, and ease of use. It can be programmed and run autonomously or used as a peripheral to desktop/laptop applications via the popular OSC protocol.

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