Insects Twisted Together from Electronic Components

Insects Twisted Together from Electronic Components


Bringing new meaning to the phrase Dead Bug, these photographs by Luca di Filippo use insects constructed from electronic components as their subjects.

Part of a larger work called Daily Contaminations, these images are meant to highlight the digital traces we leave behind in our everyday lives that often get scooped up by corporations for their own uses.

With recent talk of insect-sized aerial drones, these little buggers seem to be timely.

[via The Creators Project]

2 thoughts on “Insects Twisted Together from Electronic Components

  1. trkemp says:

    I just woke up. I read the title of this as, “Insects Twisted Together to Form Electronic Components”. I was expecting something really dark. This is much cuter.

  2. Jensi says:

    Is these are all made for just shape or it has any real time uses?

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