Instant shelter: Just add water!

Concrete Canvas shelters look like an amazing way to deliver shelter to emergency situations. The building arrives in an airtight bag, is pulled out with a vehicle and inflated. The building can be deployed by just two people (and a bit of machinery) in 45 minutes. After squirting with water, the concrete impregnated fabric sets up and is ready for use in 24 hours. Covering it with an earthen berm helps keep it temperature controlled, and the interior can be kept as a sterile environment.

Concrete Canvas have developed two shelter variants, CCS25 and CCS54 (with 25sqm and 54sqm of floor space respectively). CCS structures have been designed to maximize their internal usable space. A standard CCS54 can accommodate up to 15 people according to Sphere Standards, Humanitarian and Disaster Response Charter. For longer term operations, CCS54 will accommodate 8 standard cots with free standing mosquito nets. The technology can be scaled up to provide even larger structures. Future product developments include shelters to be used for storage of vehicles and helicopters.

Have you worked with these concrete structures? How are they to use after construction?

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