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Instructions and PDF Document to Make a Wallet Out of Tape

Instructions and PDF Document to Make a Wallet Out of Tape


Download the PDF, print it out, watch the video, and then go make a wallet! Make your own modifications and improvements, and make your wallet exactly the way you want it!


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hobby knife (optional)


  • Tape. I want my wallet to be black and red, so I used black Gaffer Tape, which is used in the film and photography business and is fancy stuff. I also used book binding tape, which is fancy (and archival) and red. Of course there is always silver duct tape, but the cheap stuff can get sticky.
  • A bit of clear plastic. I cut mine out of the top of a plastic containter. I’ve heard of people using plastic bags, but I wanted mine to be stiff instead of flexible.
  • Customizing details like ribbons, stickers, and sparkly bits. (optional)

Component One: The Outer Piece

Tape Wallet Step 1

In order to make a tape wallet, you need to make tape fabric. Tape fabric is when you take pieces of tape and overlap them to make a sheet of tape, then make another sheet of tape to go over that one, and trim it to size. Getting good at making tape fabric is the true craft of making tape wallets. It’s worth practicing first. Keep in mind that the only way to improve your skills is to use them. Don’t let getting frustrated stop you from improving your skills. Ball up the tape that you mess up with and use the size of the ball to measure your passion for making things!

The first piece is a tricky one because you want to have ½” of sticky tape around the edges that you will use later to help hold the whole thing together. This will be the outside of the wallet, and I’ve added stripes of different colored tape to make it unique.

I want my wallet to be 4 ¼” x 3 ½” when folded up. When it is unfolded, I want it to be 8 ½” x 3 ½” so that paper money fits into it neatly and receipts don’t stick out of it and look messy.

The bottom layer of this tape fabric will be 9 ½” x 4 ½ ” with the sticky side up. This includes the extra tape around the edge that is still sticky. The top layer will be 8 ½” x 3 ½”.

Notice that the top 2 corners have been cut out. This is something I figured out on my second wallet to improve the design. Don’t fold these over yet; set this piece aside until the final assembly.

Component Two: Inner Billfold Piece

Tape Wallet Step 2

Make a piece of tape fabric that is 8 ½” x 3 ½”. This will go over the first piece to make the pocket where paper money will go.

Component Three: Card Pockets

Tape Wallet Step 3

Make 2 pieces of tape fabric that will get layered, taped down, and be the place where you will put cards. Make the first one 4″ x 2″ and the second one 4″x1 ½”. Set these aside until the final assembly.

Component Four: Window Pocket

Tape Wallet Step 4

You can make the first rectangle above with 4 pieces of ½” tape, or you could use a a hobby knife to cut it out. You can get away with using the extra tabs of sticky tape in step one for the right and bottom sides of the holder. For the clear material, I used a piece of a grape container that was in my recycle bin. Wait to put them together until the final assembly.

Final Assembly

Tape Wallet Final

Now that you have all the parts cut out and ready, it’s time for the final assembly. First fold down the top sticky part of component one. Then, you will stack component one on top of component two. Now place components three and four on top of it all and fold the rest of the sticky parts from component one over. You’ll need to add some more tape in the center of the wallet to make the pockets functional.

I drew up the plans for this in sketchup.

Once you’ve finished your wallet, take a picture of it and add it to the Make: Flickr Pool.

You can also get this PDF automatically by subscribing in itunes.

Now go out there, find some tape, and make a wallet. Then let your imagination go wild and make other things with tape!

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30 thoughts on “Instructions and PDF Document to Make a Wallet Out of Tape

  1. mister.joshua says:

    Why would I want a giant wallet made of tape when I can buy a normal-sized leather wallet? That things bigger than your head!

  2. kaden says:

    Sweet baby jesus, PLEASE!!! No More Duct Tape.

  3. mypantsareonfire says:

    well… nothing dies this way, if you’re into that.

    and sweet Jesus, CAPITALIZE JESUS.

  4. SorcererKing says:

    The wallet’s cool and all, but what I’m REALLY interested in is that “Universal Artistic License” card. Got a PDF of that?

  5. kaden says:

    Why? I don’t insist that you capitalise Flying, Spaghetti, or Monster.

  6. Zafner says:

    I suggest using sail tape. It’s made from rip-stop nylon, available in lots of colors, lighter, stronger, thinner, and more interesting than duct tape. The adhesive is much longer-lasting and almost impossible to unstick. Also, it’s a little expensive, but if you bought one roll to fix a tiny tear or hole, now you have the rest of that roll going to waste.

    Plus, in an emergency, you can take the wallet out, remove the contents, and fly it as a kite.

  7. mypantsareonfire says:

    because no one worships Flying, Spaghetti, or Monster.


  8. TechNTools says:

    I love the weekend projects! Of course I had to try the tape wallet…I only made 7. Painters tape is the best for prototypes. I think I like plain old masking tape the best. Duct tape was not very forgiving and quite sticky.

  9. TechNTools says:

    I love the weekend projects! Of course I had to try the tape wallet…I only made 7. Painters tape is the best for prototypes. I think I like plain old masking tape the best. Duct tape was not very forgiving and quite sticky.

  10. CEO says:

    Hey I found this cool site, It has a DvD on how to make a duct tape wallet

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