IntraStand iPad Register Stand

IntraStand iPad Register Stand

It’s still early enough in the game for me to still get a kick out of using a tablet to conduct a transaction. Payment services like Square and GoPayment make it easy for small businesses to get up and running without the usual hassle. Places like the Apple store, with their custom acrylic iPad product displays and special barcode-scanning/magstripe reading iPhone POS system take convenience to a new level. If you run a small retail business that’s considering upgrading your customers shopping experience, check out the IntraStand iPad Register Stand from San Francisco maker Sean Spurling. It’s a wooden iPad register stand that works with your favorite iOS payment system to create a modern point of sale experience.

The Intra-stand was designed at the request of Jack Dorcey and Jim Mc Kelvey co- founders of square(square the first version was first seen at the release party of the square iPad app which was held at sight glass coffee on the same day iPad was released. realizing that iPad was not going to be the only tablet computer useful to square it was subsequently redesigned to it’s current form which is modular and simple and can be easily adaptable to any kind of device.

6 thoughts on “IntraStand iPad Register Stand

  1. Andy III says:

    Boy, you know, as gorgeous as this is – and it is –  he really seems to be ignoring security concerns. 

    A friend of mine asked me to make one of these and we spent a lot of time talking about how to make sure it doesn’t just get slid out and ran out the door.

    Pretty though.

    1. Adam Flaherty says:

      I’d like to think that people would use common sense when using something like this. From the pictures on his site, it would appear that the device is clamped into place. You definitely could wrench it out of the holder or slyly unscrew the clamp, but either way, you’d give a deft retail employee cause to notice your action. Yes, a crook could get away with your iPad, but crooks are weird in that they’ll do almost anything, including running off with whole registers or ATM machines (see Breaking Bad). 

      Doesn’t Square and GoPayment handle the transaction on their servers? It would suck to have your gear stolen and deal with resetting accounts, etc., but I’d like to think they’d employ basic security when it came to handling customer info. Isn’t that what PCI compliance is all about?

  2. Sean Spurling says:

    Well acuallly , quite a bit of time was given to security (and hence the bolt)..also what you cannot see is that the grips are lined with rubberized cork  and when the bolt is tightened  (even by hand).  It is virtually impossible to get a tight enough grip on the pad to even slide it, let  alone to steal it.  Basic physics really, the amount of  tension on the pad is about twice the amount that is at the bolt.  That combined with a griping material ,make it as secure as gluing it in…obviously it can be broken out of the wood  (and yes, I have tried, and it is not very easy)  but the pad breaks first … some point you have to realize that  someone that is going to steal  something will find a way. I do believe that this is more secure than anything else that is out there. Having said that .I have found that about 50% of people that use this stand  don’t even mount it down, so that way if  you leave the counter area the iPad, and the IntraStand can be put out of reach of sticky fingers…. And thank you Adam,  Sean..

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